Strathmore School of Tourism and Hospitality

The Executive Home Management Education (EHoME) course focuses on training both men and women on upgrading their homes, by improving the standards of living in areas such as cooking, housekeeping, laundry and service. The course, established by the Centre for Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), is essential to encourage and teach homemakers on the importance of keeping a warm home, which trickles down to creating a warm society.


The course is open to home keepers that comprise of; home managers, single men and women, married partners, single parents, and even potential business owners especially in the hospitality and tourism industries.


There are two levels in this programme: The introductory level set for beginners and those who need to master the basics of cooking and home keeping and: The advanced level which deepens and intensifies what was taught in level one. The trainings are offered by instructors from CTH.


Other aspects that the programme focuses on include; hygiene, safety, economy tips, and planning – all under food production. The program also teaches on catering to various kinds of parties such as birthdays, graduation parties etc.


The inaugural EHoME class begun in October with the first set of students graduating on Friday 11th December, 2015.


Although the program is offered on Friday for a total number of 10 weeks, students are allowed to attend to classes that will improve a particular area of interest instead of undertaking the full program.


To apply, interested home keepers can contact the administrator CTH on, or fill up a request form on the website. The program is open to all with no requirements for application required.

  • Cost for the full course is Kshs 20, 000/=
  • If you opt to attend selected sessions then the cost is Kshs 2,500/= per session.