Course overview

Revenue management is key to any business with relatively fixed capacity, perishable inventory, and time-variable demand. With increased competition, high distribution costs and a shortage of competent revenue managers, today’s hotelier needs revenue management training more than ever before.

The Revenue Management Proficiency Programme introduces the fundamentals of revenue management, application of pricing tools and revenue management performance measurement.

The course will assist in developing skills to examine pricing models accurately in accordance with revenue management principles. It also provides you with the foundation, tools and strategies to implement a Revenue Management culture in your organization.

In this programme, you will learn to develop integrated revenue management strategies that improve your organization’s profitability.

Why Choose the Programme?

To learn the fundamentals of Revenue Management in a local context, apply the revenue management to business operations and understand the KPIs used in Revenue Management to measure firm performance. The programme will help you make optimum decisions when faced with complexities.

Active Learning
At the Strathmore School of Tourism & Hospitality, we believe that learning should be experiential. Through workshops, simulations, role plays and projects, you will practice concepts and develop competencies that can be implemented both in the short and in long terms.
Case Method
Relevant case studies and interactive exercises will give you the experience you need to translate theory into practice. Revenue management-specific case studies spark discussions that will broaden your perspectives and expand your understanding of key business areas.

For Whom?

The programme is suitable for hospitality professionals responsible for improving the financial performance of their establishments and leaders who want to take on more responsibility for improving profitability in their property. It is also suitable for hospitality & tourism professionals who want to develop a career in revenue management.

  • General managers
  • Account managers and sales executives
  • Room Division Managers
  • Hotel digital and E-marketing managers
  • Revenue executives, managers and directors
  • Front desk managers / Front office managers
  • Night auditors
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • HODs and their assistants
  • Hospitality directors
  • Banqueting sales coordinators

Program delivery

The programme will be executed in three (3) days. The Programme is jointly conducted by Strathmore University faculty and adjunct faculty, with cooperation from industry experts and practitioners.

Key Focus Areas and Benefits to the Participant(s) & the Sponsoring Organization:

The participant will be able to:

  • Use revenue management as a competitive advantage tool.
  • Institute a revenue management culture and identify common mistakes in revenue management.
  • Apply the tools (technological and non-technological) needed in Revenue management.
  • Manage distribution channels optimally.
  • Use and analyze available data effectively to implement a revenue management strategy.
  • Manage inventory, price, and distribution and Interpret Demand Forecasting in all revenue points of a hotel.


Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive a Strathmore University Certificate. 75% attendance is mandatory.

Your investment

Your investments KES 45,000 (450 USD) + your time

This covers:

  • A three-day class work session at Strathmore University
  • Course materials, case studies, and programme stationery
  • Meals and refreshments at Strathmore University for three days
  • Certification
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