The Tourism Management programme equips the students with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude needed to transform the challenges of the 21st century into business opportunities and socially responsible enterprises in the field of tours, travel and tourism.

The BTM curriculum, which is a combination of theory and field work, is unique to Strathmore as it provides the students with the necessary competence in tourism product development and destination management, tourism policy and planning, wildlife management, ecotourism and sustainable tourism, among others.

Career options range from tourism policy and planning in tourism agencies, running a tour and travel company, working in NGO’s and international organizations, setting up wildlife conservancy and eco-lodges, or venturing into business start-up of developing tourist destinations that abound in Kenya and in neighboring countries.

All students are required to take the compulsory humanity units that include philosophy, ethics, communication skills and foreign languages, which enable the students to attain a holistic development.

Both hospitality and tourism students do the common units together such as management subjects, accounting, economics, marketing, business management and entrepreneurship, statistics and research methods. All students are required to submit a research project in any area related to hospitality and tourism as a final requirement to attaining the degree.

The tourism students undertake field work and educational trips, either day trips or overnight to tourist destination areas as part of the taught units, accompanied by competent lecturers.

Tourism Management (BTM) has the following core subjects of specialization:

  • Wildlife Tourism I and II
  • Travel and Tourism Industry Operations
  • Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Environmental Management
  • East African Societies
  • Tourism Resources in East Africa
  • Travel and Tourism Automation
  • Sports and Recreational Tourism
  • Cultural and Rural Tourism
  • Travel Agency Management
  • Destination Management
  • Media Relations for Tourism
  • Travel and Tourism Management Issues
  • Tourism Policy Planning
  • International Tourism

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