Course overview

How can we make “big data” in the hotel industry not just a buzzword, but a concept that will bring real benefit to hotel enterprises? Data analytics can be used in numerous different ways in order to improve business operations, marketing strategies, stating needs, occupancy rates and yield.

Hospitality firms generate enormous amounts of data and should not only leverage it to understand their current performance (i.e. business intelligence) but also – and most importantly – to generate prescriptive analytics to orientate
their strategy.

In this age, having the whole hotel ecosystem MUST have a proper understanding of data, and connect all data sources effectively. This is paramount in generating competitive advantage, providing superior customer value and being on top
of the curve.

The modern hotelier must learn how to use Data (internal and external) to base their decisions on real insights rather than on rumors and feelings.

In the next couple of years, hospitality businesses will use artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to evaluate their performance and provide an innovative guest experience.

So, you the modern hotelier, do not be afraid of data. Data is everywhere and can make your hospitality firm more competitive.

Why Choose the Programme?

You will learn fundamentals of data analytics and how you can use data as a competitive advantage. You will learn the trends in data analytics and how you can institute a culture of data-driven decision making in your firm.

Active Learning
At the Strathmore School of Tourism & Hospitality, we believe that learning should be experiential. Through workshops, simulations, role plays, and projects, you will practice concepts and develop competencies that can be easily be implemented.
Programme Delivery
The program will be executed in three (3) days. The Program is jointly conducted by Strathmore University faculty, adjunct faculty, with cooperation from industry experts and practitioners.

For Whom?

The program is suitable for all hospitality professionals. We believe you are either a consumer or generator of data in your organization.

  • Directors and Managers in the hospitality industry.
  • Sales and revenue managers.
  • Finance managers in the hospitality industry.
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Hotel digital and e-marketing managers
  • Revenue managers and directors
  • Front desk managers / Front oce managers
  • Night auditors
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Maintenance and Energy Managers
  • Tourism and hospitality policy makers and researchers.

Program delivery

The programme will be executed in three (3) days. The Programme is jointly conducted by Strathmore University faculty and adjunct faculty, with cooperation from industry experts and practitioners.

Key Focus Areas and Benefits to the Participant(s) & the Sponsoring Organization:

The participant will be able to:

  • Link data analytics to their day-to-day operations.
  • Institute a data strategy in their places of work.
  • Apply the tools (technological and non-technological) needed in data Analytics.
  • Make decisions based on data.
  • Better and informed reporting.
  • Optimize Revenues using data analytics.
  • Use data science knowledge as a competitive advantage tool.
  • Analyze available data effectively to implement a revenue management strategy.
  • Create more revenue channels and ancillary services


Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive a Strathmore University Certificate. 75% attendance is mandatory.

Your investment

Your investments KES 35,000 (350 USD) + your time

This covers:

  • A three-day class work session at Strathmore University
  • Course materials, case studies, and programme stationery
  • Meals and refreshments at Strathmore University for three days
  • Certification
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