Transforming Customer Experiences Programme


24th to 26th April 2024


60,000 per person

Course overview

Transforming Customer Experiences is a specialized course designed for professionals in the Tourism & Hospitality industry, committed to enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall experiences. The course focuses on innovative strategies and practices to adapt and excel in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The course is meticulously designed to empower hospitality professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to revolutionize and elevate customer experiences within the industry.

For whom?

  • For all Hospitality and Tourism Industry professional Hospitality looking to enhance
    their customer experiences.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs,
  • Professionals in the service industry.

Key Focus Areas and Benefits to the Participant(s) & the Sponsoring Organization

  • Development of Customer-Centric Approach
  • Analysing and mapping the customer journey
  • Leveraging Technology elevate customer experiences
  • Customer Personalization Strategies
  • Crisis Management and Customer Recovery
  • Developing Cultural Competence
  • Measuring and Monitoring Customer Satisfaction
  • Leadership in Customer Experience

Program Objectives

  1. Position brands as Leaders in Customer Experience.
  2. Enable development of Competitive edge in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry.
  3. Equip in the creation Memorable Customer Interactions.
  4. Provide tools to help Build a Customer-Centric Culture.
  5. Facilitate development in crisis management skills.
  6. Provide an Understanding of Diverse Cultural Needs.
  7. Equip with tools for measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction

Why Choose the Program?

  1. Enables you develop a Customer-Centric approach aimed meeting the evolving customer needs and expectations.
  2. Provides you with In-depth Understanding of Customer Journeys enabling you identify touchpoints for improvement and innovation.
  3. Enables Leveraging Technology for Customer experience enhancement.
  4. Equips you to develop a culture of innovation resulting in unique and memorable guest experiences.
  5. Empowers you to develop personalized and engaging customer interactions techniques.
  6. Prepares you for crisis management.
  7. Equips you with Cultural Competence to navigate the diverse cultural backgrounds of guests.
  8. Supports you to develop leadership skills to guide teams in consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences, fostering a service-oriented organizational culture.

Program delivery

The programme will be executed in three (3) days. The Programme is jointly conducted by Strathmore University faculty and adjunct faculty, with cooperation from industry experts and practitioners


Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive a Strathmore University Certificate. 85% attendance is mandatory.


  • 10% discount for organizations enrolling 3-4 delegates
  • 5% discount for early birds (enrolments before 1st of March 2024)
  • 15% Discount for organizations enrolling 5 delegates and above.

Your investment

KES 60,000 + your time

This covers:

  • A three-day class work session at Strathmore University
  • Course materials.
  • Meals and refreshments at Strathmore University for three days
  • Certification.

Contact details

For more information about this programme and to make your application please write to

Call: 0700282116/ 0725000138

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