Strathmore School of Tourism and Hospitality

Twelve 4th year students from the School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) qualified to undertake an intense 2-day course in Hotel Business Acumen at Radisson Blu Hotel. The students were selected on the basis of academic performance, positive attitude and the ability to work as a team during the EuroCHRIE conference that took place in October last year.


The students enjoyed the same professional level of management training used to build business acumen skills among hotel professionals and students around the globe. In doing so, they consolidated the various elements of their academic learning and applied them in a world-class, real-time simulation of hotel business operations matrix.


Each student was required to complete three sessions (a total of nine hours) and participate in a simulation competition application of learning. They were then given a month to prepare for an online knowledge exam with a pass grade of 80%.


All 12 passed the exams and received a gold sealed certificate in Hotel Business Acumen (HBA), demonstrating the successful completion of an advanced application of their studies. These certificates are given favorable recognition by hotel employers.


The course was sponsored by REDGlobal, conducted by Heidi Anaya – Director of Education REDGlobal group – assisted by Joy Goopio from STH, and was hosted by EuroCHRIE (European Federation of the Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education).


From the list of 12 student, the top four students who scored highly in the HBA exam qualified to compete globally with other universities from Europe, Middle East and Africa in the EuroCHRIE University Challenge 2018. The four students competed through online simulation for 6 weeks. The results will be announced during the EuroCHRIE Conference in Dublin in November 2018.