Strathmore School of Tourism and Hospitality

The School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) hosted hotel Marketing Managers and General Managers for a round-table breakfast meeting. The event was co-hosted in partnership with Agency Africa Interactive – a Digital Marketing Agency for the hospitality industry.


The meeting analysed challenges hospitality marketers face in a dynamic travel ecosystem: challenges that involve knowing what works for hoteliers, how to measure results obtained and also rating management across a myriad of online travel websites.


Other challenges that the hoteliers highlighted were: digital marketing strategies, trends in digital marketing, trends in the hospitality industry, multilingual websites, and sale experiences vs. property facilities.


The round-table also provided a platform for STH to evaluate the training gaps in hospitality digital marketing; as a result they developed a 3-day intensive programme for tourism and hospitality digital marketing.


Hospitality is a very dynamic industry and hoteliers need to keep abreast of the coming technology and innovations to remain relevant. At the same time; hoteliers need to learn new concepts like revenue management, and distribution techniques so as to remain profitable.