Strathmore School of Tourism and Hospitality

Anne Valerie Ogede’s, four years academic journey at Strathmore University has been an interesting and eye opening experience. Valerie, a fourth year Hospitality Management student from the School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) prides herself in her great achievement, she will be graduating with a 1st class honours in the upcoming 2017 graduation ceremony.


From the onset, Valerie was determined to hitch her wagon to a start and become successful in her academics. Her achievement was primarily founded on her long standing character of being a goal oriented person.


Valerie’s love for cookery, restaurants and events prompted her parents to strongly counsel her to pursue a course related in her line of passion. The support from her parents marked the beginning of her ‘living the dream’ journey.


“My parent’s decision to support me was a big motivational factor. Going forward I tasked myself to work extremely hard so as to attain good grades and Strathmore University was the best place for me to achieve all that,” Valerie said.


Good time management, having updated notes, and reading every single day was Valerie’s daily routine, “repetition is the mother of success,” she comments. Her commitment and desire to become successful in her academics was indisputable. Above and beyond the reading, the first born in a family of two children acknowledges that her Strathmore experience has shaped her into being an all rounded person.


“Besides excelling in my academics, I have acquired impeccable communication skills and good social skills,” she says.


Valerie’s fourth year research project topic was; An assessment of the factors that affect guest attendance and satisfaction to events in Nairobi County, Kenya. Philip Okombo, STH Exam Coordinator, was her supervisor.


“The events industry holds a place of importance in the economy today. This study was conducted in Nairobi in 2017 in order to fill the gap in research concerning motives that move people to attend events held in the city of Nairobi and the factors that ensure the attendees are satisfied after the event, in order to promote attendance and growth of the general industry, with a clear understanding. The study focussed on three different types of events organized in the city,” Valerie explained.


“Knowing the event goers motives of attendance is vital information for the development of the industry, by increasing numbers at events and encouraging repeat visitation. If locals in a certain area are not attending events then the industry easily collapses despite its great importance in the aspects of tourism, education and cultural enrichment. The findings showed that most people in Nairobi attend entertainment events and most people attend events because of the image and line-up and to socialize/network rather than due to brand marketing which was the least motivating factor,” Valerie further expounded.


Valerie hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in ’Event Management’ prior to embarking in a job hunting mission.


Congratulations to Anne Valerie Ogede for her great achievement.