Strathmore School of Tourism and Hospitality

Strathmore University through the Centre for Tourism and Hospitality won the prestigious Eco Warrior Award 2013 as the Ecotourism Training Institution of the Year, “for promoting responsible and sustainable tourism through linkages with community development and nature conservation”.


The most coveted trophy was awarded to Strathmore by Ecotourism Kenya, sponsored by AFEW (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife), during the Eco-Warriors Awards Gala Dinner at Safari Park Hotel where the Minister of Tourism and Trade gave the keynote address. The event was attended by local and international tourism professionals and industry practitioners, as well as executive directors of tourism organizations such as the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), Tourism Fund (formerly CTDLT), Kenya Wildlife Trust, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO), Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (KAHC), Laikipia Wildlife Forum and the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW-Giraffe Centre).


Eco Warrior trophy.


Ecotourism Kenya grants Eco Warrior Awards to enterprises and institutions in recognition of their tourism role in sustainable community development. The awards are granted in 15 categories, such as among others, Conservancy of the Year, Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year, Eco-rated Facility of the Year, Ecotourism Journalist of the Year, and Ecotourism Training Program of the Year.


The Strathmore Centre for Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) was awarded the best educational institution with ecotourism curriculum that infuses environmental management and sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, community participation and rural livelihoods. Our tourism program emphasizes on experiential learning, infusing theory in practical training within an ecotourism context with emphasis on sustainable ecotourism product development and management.


CTH lecturers congratulating each other.


We support the student’s initiative in photography and essay competitions in communicating environmental awareness, nature conservation and tourism sustainability. Recently, one of our tourism students, Albert Ayugi, won second place in the environmental awareness essay competition during the World Environmental Day organized by AFEW-Giraffe Centre. Alice Maina, another tourism student, has written articles on nature conservation which featured in the newsletter of Laikipia Wildlife Forum where she did her internship.


We engage our students in community outreach and in research activities on community-based ecotourism project which addresses the impact of tourism on natural resources of destinations and host communities.


The Eco Warrior Award marks a milestone for CTH as it makes a name in the tourism and hospitality world.