Strathmore School of Tourism and Hospitality

It is said that lightning never strikes twice but from recent events nobody told that to the Centre for Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) as for the second year running, one of its own scooped the highly sought after Chancellor’s Award. The honor this year goes to Liz Nina Wanjiku. The Bachelor of Tourism Management graduate was a class above the rest and indisputably the Strathmore student par excellence from the Class of 2013.


Liz was an exemplary student academically as she consistently topped her class and was ever-present in the Dean’s List. Not only smart in class but street smart as well, her knowledge of current affairs, the tourism industry, and fashion amongst many others made her command the respect of lecturers, administration and students alike. An eloquent speaker, who was thoroughly articulate, she exuded confidence whenever she spoke in class and in particular group work presentations whereas many students read PowerPoint slides, Liz gave them further meaning with her speech.


Liz was a true leader, leading in group work activities, being a module leader on several occasions, and similar to her predecessor, Bilha Wangui Mucuha – winner of the Chancellor’s Award last year – she was the chairman of HATSS Club that made giant strides in making the hospitality and tourism students’ presence felt in Strathmore.


Gregarious in person, she interacted freely with a host of people and was a joy to be with. One who cared not only for herself but for others as well, Liz memorably contributed a portion of the fees rebate she had earned as a result of finishing top in Dean’s List to aid her classmates who were in financial difficulty.


She is currently aspiring to join the Marriott Hotels International, a global giant in the hospitality and tourism industry, as a participant in the Voyage Leadership programme that seeks only the best. Liz has been the face of the Strathmore website, but on graduation day, she indubitably becomes the face of Strathmore University. Surely, a bright future beckons for this fresh and vibrant graduate.


By Kenneth Minishi, BHM Class 2013