Why I chose Hospitality Management

by Stephan Buenau-Myer

I chose hospitality management as my course due to the fact that firstly it is my passion to be hospitable, to be able to welcome friends, relatives and even strangers and see them leave happier than they came. It has always been my dream to cook distinct and unique foods, set-up rooms to be neatly and well arranged as is evident in my room and offer my services to surpass people's expectations of the industry. I also love sharing my ideas by demonstrating them and supervise their implementation. Lastly I love the practical bit where everything I learn I am sure I'll use in my future career.

Strathmore University is very well known for its value in education and is diversely known worldwide. Therefore, the best thing about studying my course in SU is the quality in education which is extensive and international based. The lecturers are among the best in the country full of experience which they share to us, very friendly, hence making the learning environment very fun, educative and exceptional. Not forgetting the connections one gains through SU is tremendous and very motivational.

What I enjoy most is the practical classes where we cook and serve to the Strathmore community; it is always an exciting time as we get to do what we are taught theoretically in reality and especially in a group. During this time learning becomes a thrilling moment as we get to interact and enhance our skills in communication, service and cooking.

To someone considering this course I would tell them to get ready and experience an exhilarating time during the four years as it will be a fun filled time of learning. It is a course that has extensive opportunities and variety of becoming a general manager, executive chef, housekeeping manager and so much more especially since many hospitality industries are coming up. One gets a chance to also travel to other countries and work there.

After graduating I am planning to commence by first working in Burj-Al-Arab the world's first seven star hotel as a General Manager and learn their culture for about two years after which I will venture to be an entrepreneur and begin my own chain of hotels which I can't describe as it is a secret to be revealed in the future.

Why I chose Tourism Management

by Gladys Parsemei

1. Why did you choose this course?
Being aware of our country’s richness in tourism products and the fact that this resource base has not been maximized for a full benefit, I always desired to be part of the efforts towards tourism development to benefit the communities around these natural resources and Kenya Nation as a whole.

I also love travelling; adventure and meeting new people and cultures. Tourism encompasses all this, and therefore always saw myself in this career.

2. What’s the best thing about studying this course here in SU?
The course content is comprehensive and the administering lecturers are very qualified, inspiring and committed. The course curriculum includes field work programs and academic trips where we get to have a feel of what happens in real tourism scenarios, grants us an opportunity to relate theory with practice, and at the same time enjoy the experience.

3. What are some of the course components that you enjoy most (different areas of study)?
I mostly enjoy the wildlife units which helps us understand the interface of wildlife conservancies with Tourism and equips us with skills on wildlife interpretation.

I also love the environmental component in the study as it makes us appreciate the role of environmental conservation towards sustainable tourism programs.

4. What would you say to someone who is considering choosing this course?
That firstly, they should be aware that the tourism course is not just about tour & travel, but it encompasses so much more towards the development of the larger sector and indeed feeds significantly into the economy of the nation.

Secondly, they should consider choosing Strathmore as their institution, where they can be sure they will get quality services beyong traditional IT training.

5. What’s your plan after graduating
I intend to seek employment to expose myself to the global tourism sector as well as earn a salary to generate future capital for investment into the sector. Subsequently, I plan to pursue my masters and PHD in tourism management.

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