Training in the hospitality and tourism industry worldwide has traditionally attracted a close relationship between the centres of training and the industry. This is motivated by the fact that the industry does not boast out as a traditional discipline like the other sciences. It therefore necessitated that in order to be up to date with industry requirements and also international recognition, key industry personality and leading scholars be incorporated in the management of the School’s programmes.

In this regard STH undertook to build up and incorporate a participative management approach by using an industry and academia-based advisory board. It has enabled the Centre to easily seek information as well as obtain support for any need for funding as may be required from time to time.

The Board is made up of key and leading personalities from the local and international academia and industry. Members of the Advisory Board include;

Mr. Mahmud Janmohamed

Managing Director, Tourism Promotion Services, Serena Hotels

Prof. Nerine C. Bresler

Prof. of Tourism, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Ongong’a Achieng

Former Managing Director, Kenya Tourist Board

Prof. Eleri Jones

Prof. of Tourism, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK

Dr. Florence Oloo

Mr. Gerson M. Misumi

GM/Director, the Carnivore (Tamarind Group)

Dr. Lars Lindkvist

Executive Director and Chairman - Basecamp, Explorers, Kenya and CEO, Basecamp Foundation

Mr. Jakes Grieves-Cook

Managing Director, Gamewatchers Safaris, Chairman of Kenya Tourist Board

Strategic Goals
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