ACOST 2018

The 3rd African Conference on Sustainable Tourism


Full Paper Submission Guideline




This conference welcomes papers that can qualify for publication in a wide range of academic and scientific journal. Indeed, one of the objectives of this conference is to provide a forum for sharing research results and new knowledge in the area of sustainable tourism management. As such, the committee has proposed to launch the Inaugural issue of The African Journal of Sustainable Tourism and the first priority shall be given to quality paper presentations from this conference


As such, all the manuscripts submitted must be of high academic and scientific standard and written in good British English. Any paper that may be published out of this conference shall become a copyright of The African Journal of Sustainable Tourism




This shall be an academic and professional forum for sharing sectoral developments, building new knowledge and proposing industry-wide solutions.  All paper submissions should, therefore, be grounded on constructive, interpretive and perennial traditions. Articles trying to advance marketing or promotional messages for specific products and services shall not be accepted.


The Papers expected should reflect the following:


a)      Empirical studies that have employed sound and acceptable research design and methodology

b)      Conceptual submissions that engage theory exhaustively and provides meta-scientific commentary on the subject matter engaged

c)      Well designed work-in-progress aimed at encouraging feedback and debate with peers.







a) Title Page

Each paper should include a title page clearly indicating

a)      The title of the paper (not more than 50 words)

b)      Author/s name/s and title/s (e.g. Mr., Ms., Dr., Professor)

c)      Institutional affiliation/s

d)     Email address, and telephone number of the corresponding author

e)      An Abstract of less than 350 with Keyword


b) The Body

a)      An introduction and a theoretical background

b)      A brief statement of the problem

c)      Purpose and objectives of the study

d)     Literature overview

e)      Brief methodology articulating how a study was carried out

f)       Data collection and interpretation of findings

g)      Summary of conclusions and recommendations


c) Reference page

This should be done according to the APA referencing system. This should apply to both in-text citations and the reference page.


d) Paragraphing and Font specification

Paragraphing should be based on single line spacing. Whole papers should be prepared in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman with general body font size of 12. The titles and subtitles should be bold and at the font size of 14 for level one, 13 for level two and 12 for level three. Paper margin should be left at 1’’ all around.


e) Paper Size

The entire paper following the above specification for its presentation should not be more than 10 pages or not more than 8,000 words. This should include all tables and figures as well as the reference sections


f) Originality

Ensure utmost originality of your submission by putting in rigorous scientific standard free of falsehood, dishonesty, fabrication and fraudulence. Build an argument centred on accurate facts and actual field information or outcome from experiments. Eliminate any plagiarized, libellous, indecent, obscene and any other unlawful or unethical contents, processed and references in your submission. Remember to give full credit to all the sources used as support to the paper you are submitting.



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